About Us

At NETBiT we transform the businesses of our clients and how they operate.

We are an infrastructure solutions company and leaders in cloud technology.

NETBiT's Innovative and intelligent computing designs revolutionise the way our clients find solutions to their communication and business needs.



Enterprise infrastructure services with first class standards.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Scaling & Services
  • Automation
  • Security


World class web services and mobile applications

  • Mobile solutions
    iOS, Android, Windows
  • Platform development
    Python, Ruby
  • Application development
    C#, Java


We can help improve your infrastructure & development strategy, IT performance and reduce costs.

  • Dev/Ops
  • Agile & Continuous Integration
  • Project Management
  • Consultation



In depth requirements analysis to create project plan


Our design team will collaborate with the client to create the dream design


After final design approval we rapidly develop the system


After successful delivery our operations team ensure maximum system availability.

Success stories

Marine Rescue New South Wales

Marine Rescue New South Wales

“Our previous volunteering management system had reached its limits and we required a new platform. “

Florian Glajcar, MRNSW IT and Business Development Director

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JCurve Solutions

JCurve Solutions

“This system has reduced manual labour involved with transferring files from one system to another, and has allowed our staff to focus on more suitable tasks”

Tim Griffiths, JCurve Solutions Chief Information Officer

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“We were facing multiple challenges on the release, especially to ensure that information on the mobile application was real and up-to-date. Also, we had no experience with such innovative technology.”

Kate Snowden, Project Manager

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